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22 December 2016 @ 03:10 pm
SEVENTEEN Members' Favorite Colors  

Japan Magazine Translation: SEVENTEEN Members' Favorite Colors

S.Coups: Black and White
Jeonghan: Black, White and cute colors
Joshua: Black, White and rainbow color
Jun: Black and White
Hoshi: Black, Blue and White
Wonwoo: Black
Woozi: Black, Gray and Navy Blue
The8: Black, White and bright colors
DK: Blue, Red and Black
Mingyu: Black
Seungkwan: Pastel colors (awhh <3 kyooot)
Vernon: I like all colors.
Dino: Blue and White

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I've been looking for this for a looong time! Finally found it! \(^u^)/ *booty dance*
If you're wondering what is your bias' favorite color, here it is! xDxD

photo credits to: Eldest Maknae Jeonghan - Like17VN
translation by: chibimochu
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